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Landscape Supply Pilot Point, TX, Garden Soil, Compost

Horse Manure Compost
Rich, dark, perfectly aged manure from local ranches. Chock-full of microbes, adding natural nutrients to your soil. Nourishing to any vegetable garden soil, flower beds and lawn care. 

Landscape Supply, Garden Soil, Compost

Pine Bark Mulch
Fully shredded organic pine bark mulch. Adds acidity to the soil, perfect for acid-loving vegetable and fruit gardens. Shields soil and protects your plants' roots. 

Landscape Supply, Garden Soil, Compost, Pilot Point, TX

Specialty soils for vegetable gardens, flower beds, lawn care
& distinct grow projects. 

Bulk Material Pricing:
Aged Manure Compost           20.00/yard
Pro Bedding Mix                           40.00/yard
Top Soil/Compost Blend        40.00/yard
Cushion Sand                               40.00/yard
Pine Bark Mulch                           40.00/yard
Topsoil                                               60.00/yard
Decomposed Granite              65.00/yard

*Pricing subject to change
Landscape Supply, Garden Soil, Compost

Pro Bedding Mix
Aged Manure Compost, Pine Bark Mulch and a touch of Cushion Sand blended three way and ready to use. This soil's microbes will grow better with age. Perfect garden soil for raised beds, tilling in to garden areas and potted plants.

Landscape Supply, Garden Soil, Compost

Call or text  940-686-2647 for address to pick up or to schedule your delivery.

No chemicals added!

Naturally FULL of Microbes!

Residential sales by appointment:

Open M-F 8am - 5pm,

Saturday mornings till noon.

Closed Sundays

Greg Thompson Landscape's compost blends have been successful for vineyards, medicinal herbs, greenhouse growing, professional  football fields, local vegetable gardens and
award winning lawns. 

Top Soil/Compost Blend
Riverbed topsoil sand blended with aged horse manure compost. Ideal for leveling lawns, filling in holes in the yard and prior to laying sod. Ensure a healthy lawn with the organic

matter in this blend . 

Decomposed Granite For Sale Pilot Point, Tx

Decomposed Granite

The perfect xeriscape ground cover. A natural derivative of granite, this decorative rock will beautify anything from your driveway to landscape designs. 

Decomposed Granite Landscape Supply, Pilot Point, TX

Decomposed Granite landscaping 

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